Piano Teaching Website (Sept 2016)

My new piano teaching website is now complete and launched. Web designer Jane Kidd worked patiently with me to craft something that would represent me persuasively and with élan. I could not be more pleased! www.MosePianoForAll.com Read more »

New England Summer Piano Workshop

Our 11th annual Midsummer Adult Piano Retreat in the mountains of NW Massachusetts has come and gone (July 9-16). We had a full class of 25 participants from all over, and their accolades are a tonic… Learn More Read more »

New and Familiar

“Remind yourself to keep listening for the new in what seems to be the old and familiar. You may hear for the first time something that has been singing to you all along.” Composer/teacher W. A. Mathieu in his splendid set of essays, The Listening Book (Boston: Shambhala Publications, 1991) Read more »

Thoughts on Classical Concerts

I once interviewed a prominent art song recitalist, who declared to me: “The last thing I want is for a concert to be a substitute for church.” He went on at some length about the importance of entertainment, and of leaving his audience with smiles on their faces. I found […] Read more »

Adult Piano Workshop

July 12 – July 19, 2014 Our Midsummer Adult Piano Retreat in the Berkshires is held each July on the campus of Williams College in rural Massachusetts. Learn More Read more »