Piano Teaching

I maintain an independent music studio in the historic Cabbagetown district of downtown Toronto, where I work with an array of loyal students of all ages. In the summers I teach alongside two distinguished colleagues, Debi Fishbein Adams and Alison Barr, at our Midsummer Adult Piano Retreat on the campus of Williams College in rural Massachusetts: July 2017 marks our 14th year teaching together.

I am well known in the N. American piano educator community due to various professional lectures and workshops I have presented, and more so due to my years as an essayist and contributing editor for the American piano magazine Clavier.

If I have a philosophy as a music teacher, it is simply that we are all naturally musical, and that anyone can play the piano – at any age – with a little help and some perseverance. My background is in classical music, but my teaching tends to be broader in compass, and tailored to the individual learner.

“I appreciate your soft and encouraging approach, and the freedom you allow your students to explore music.”
Male student, age 50+

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Toronto Piano Teacher and Music Educator

Peter Kristian Mose - Toronto Piano Teacher and Music Educator