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“Getting Inside Classical Music” –
Interactive Music Listening Workshops

“Getting Inside Classical Music” workshops are for the music aficionado at any level: armchair listeners, seasoned concertgoers, music students, teachers, performing musicians, and arts administrators. Their purpose is to educate and build community through direct engagement with music. Peter Mose’s workshops inspire, engage, and sharpen thinking and listening skills in a friendly and fun setting. They are based on his lifetime of classical music immersion, and his commitment to participatory learning.

Interactive Workshops

Do you like classical music? Are you captivated by it? Or can it leave you intimidated and tongue-tied? Be a part of the musical conversation with Peter Kristian Mose’s uniquely welcoming and engaging interactive workshops. Participants are drawn into a rich listening and discussion experience as they become introduced to classical music, or reacquainted with the works and artists that formed their early relationship with this great art form. The workshops present a diverse array of brief recorded musical excerpts – from symphonic masterpieces to intimate chamber works, from art songs to jazz and folk music. Each selection has been specifically chosen so that, under Mose’s spirited guidance, participants in small groups begin to converse about structure, style, mood, and meaning, while refining their listening skills. They leave a workshop invigorated and inspired.

“A great series of lectures! Most enjoyable and informative. Hope Opus 2 is already in the making!”
Music school administrator

“Getting Inside Classical Music” Workshops

Peter Kristian Mose - Getting Inside Classical Music Workshops